There are so many moral and ethical issues with this story what one do you pick first? It is  sign of a good work of fiction when you begin to see how it would apply to the real world. testing on lab animal has been apart of human history since we first wondered what really made us work. We left the gods behind and the birth of science ushered in the lab experiment. Monkeys made space travel safer, using them to test the safety of not only the rockets but also the suits to be worn. Various animals used to test everything from cosmetics to new medicines. So is it so strange to think of using convicts as test subjects? This leads to the next question, is it morally right? I think that if a person wants to volunteer then let them. Jeff was given a better place to live and time to chat with mommy for his service. Plus he got to have some great sex. This story was one of the best I have read in a long time, due not only to the matter, but in the frank and real language used. The author did not shy away from the word Fuck or any other words. He did not waste time with flowery shit to appeal to all potential readers. This short story made me think hard about what I thought was acceptable in terms of medical testing. Great story with raw honest words that make you think, what more could you want?



P.S- I need spell check on this thing 😦