I know we don’t need to read George Saunders “Sticks” for class, but I did anyway. I was both surprised at how short it was, and more surprised at how much I actually enjoyed it. The facts of the story is its about a dad who has a pole stuck in his front yard that he dresses up. But also there was more back story in two pages then I imagined could be possible. Reading it I felt like the father was abusive, at least emotionally. The pole he dresses up starts out as a way for him to show the world how “wonderful” he is, or tries to seem (because most abusive people try to keep an image of themselves to the world that they are fun/loving/caring type people). Though toward the end the customs he puts out become stranger, which is his attempt at reconnecting with those he hurt. The apologies that he makes his stick-doll thing wear, and that he gives it a family shows that he feels bad he pushed his family away and wishes they would come back. In the end the house is sold after he dies, and the new family throw the the man’s pole-doll. Which just shows how easy it was for his attempts at forgiveness to not help, the sticks are tossed aside and no one stopped to think it meant something to him before he died.

I hope if anyone reads Sticks they can tell me what they thought

OK, I hope I did this right, I’ve never blogged before…