OK so I know this has nothing to do George Saunders or anything we talked about in class, but I think it has to do with literature. I’m gonna level with ya, I got the idea for this post while daydreaming and doodling about food in class (Not literature of course, but still feel guilty I wasn’t playing attention in class X). I ended up writing a poem about donuts. It was absolutely horrible, but it got me thinking; Poetry is a lot different nowadays.

The main thing I noticed was the subject that poetry is about. It used to be about a lot of natural things; Emily Dickinson wrote about birds a lot. Whereas today there are a lot of poems about man-made objects. Specifically the Haiku with it’s strict form of syllables (5-7-5) has changed. When I learned what a Haiku was I was taught that it ALWAYS had to be about nature, now I find that “rule” is completely forgotten about. I find with writers no longer sticking to “natural” subjects makes poems seem more straight forward. The thing is, to me that sounds like the typical “young people don’t read” or “schools these days are teaching nothing”. So I’m looking deeper to see if the poems no longer being “natural” so much makes them simpler, or if I’m just stuck in my ways and missing the not-so-obvious meaning now that the words seem so strange to my idea of a “poem”

I hope I explained this idea well enough, I’m still a bit hungry 😛