Did some digging, was surprised/interested by what I found.  Just thought I’d put it out there for anyone else who’s interested.

-Went to Colorado School of Mines, mineral engineering = money

-Went there to be a part of oil business


-Got degree in geophysics

-Went to Sumatra (Big Western Indonesian Island)


-Saw lot of rich Oklahoma people doing drugs

-And more people hanging out at “transvestite clubs” –described as electric.

-Considered himself Objectivist (Ayn Rand) in his 20s

-Saunders actually voted for Reagan first time


-He considered Reagan the Objectivist Candidate

-Then saw (poverty stricken) people suffering,

-This made Objectivism not add up, plus Rand wrote “bad prose” AND

-He considered Objectivism too close to Neoconservatism and became repulsed.

-Neoconservatism = “disenchantment with democratic domestic and foreign policy”

-Adherents for Neoconservatism became politically famous from 70s-2000s

-Peaked during Bush administration (gross)

-“Neocons” played major role promoting/planning 2003 invasion of Iraq

-Now Saunders is a student of Nyingma Buddhism (oldest version of Tibetan)


(re above: cannot decide if beauty of art outweighs scariness of eyes)

– Progressed from almost being a Neocon oil guy (AKA jerk in a suit) to chill Buddhist writer?

– All this = Cool story bro Saunders





+An online Encyclopedia Britannica because I didn’t know what “Neocon” was at all.