First I’d like to yes, I’ve got no ideas at all for the project. Which the proposal is dew Thursday I believe. So naturally when I sit down to try and figure it out again… I somehow think about everything else. Specifically the pile of eight books next to my bed I want to read still, not including the ones for school. Here’s a basic transcript of where my thoughts went from there

Me: You should really get on that, you need to manage time better

I: I want to go snowboarding, there’s fresh snow

Me: School you dummy, you need to finish school work first

I: I’ve got time, I’ll even bring it there

Me: NO! You have to do it now, look at everything you haven’t done! All those books you should be reading! Get to it! You don’t have time to waste! GO GO GO!!

Needless to say, when I try to be “on top of everything” I get stressed out. Especially when I look at all my homework. So sitting here (still without an idea for the project -_-‘) all I can think is I wanna start the next book for class…. or the next book in a series. But the classic books I’ve never read, but want to; they can wait. Why? Why am I in such a rush to read what’s new, but the old stuff can wait forever? Not that it makes a difference, but why is it the older the book, the longer I feel I can put it off? Does any one else do this? Am I the only one? Why did I waste so much time typing for a point so little?