Ok so I already finished the reading for next class (I had to force myself to put the book down lol) and I was oddly fascinated with the Girls eyes. Which were said to be flat on the bottom to look more “anime”, which reminded me of Valeria Lukyanova and Anastasiya Shpagina. If you haven’t heard of them they are two girls from over seas who embody the “ideal” beautyAnastasiya-Shpagina-Valeria-Lukyanova but looking at them I find slightly unnerving. (I tried to find Asians like Fan and the Girls, but these two were the only ones I felt conveyed how I imagined the girls…) I cannot speak for other people, but this is how I imagined the Girls in the story, like human dolls. No part “unperfect” but together makes one question if they are looking at something normal. (I am done comparing the two girls in the picture to the Girls in the story BTW) I feel like the Girls that Fan meets are even more doll like, they almost believe they are dolls.

Each one has a story they play out in their head. They sleep in tiny beds, stay in the same room, brush hair, oogle at the new doll (Fan) and just basically do whatever Miss Cathy seems to think a little girl should do. I don’t think Miss Cathy thinks of them as daughters, and more like living dolls. Thoughts??