This book has given us a lot to talk about and I’m sure as we continue our conversation, we’ll keep exploring the creepy parallels to our own world as well as the array of characters and increasingly clear depictions of the world of the novel.

Here are a few ideas worth exploring as we finish reading the novel this week:

Fan: she’s our heroine, but she really makes very few choices when it comes to determining the path of her own journey. She was hit by a car, taken by Quig, traded to Leo, “rescued” by Cathy, and then by Vik, and ends up (by p. 336) with her brother who just happens to be an insanely successful doctor in the Seneca Charter. What does it mean that she has so little actual agency in the novel and yet is heralded by the narrator as mysteriously admirable?

The title and the epigraph(s): what is the significance of the title in relation to the events of the novel? How do the two epigraphs inform our understanding of what Lee is trying to get at?

Intent/themes: speaking of which, what is Lee trying to get at? This novel seems to be overflowing with vast themes: fate, destiny, storytelling, heroism, compliance, stifled humanity, social good versus independence, situational ethics/morality… what does it all mean?

Symbolism: and there are plenty of symbols and recurring details to analyze in this novel: water, pregnancy, doctors, voice/truth, art.