While the premise of the story is nothing new. (Single 20 something and his friends in the big city, his daily interactions with said friends and his struggles with dating and work) Master of None is still a very funny show. Aziz Ansari is a very funny comic and he has surrounded himself with a cast of talented and also funny actors. The story lines for the first 5 shows where both hilariously written and while not completely original still refreshing to watch. I think that may be the biggest struggle for this show in future episodes and for most T.V shows in general. How do we come up with new and entertaining content? It may also run true for fiction in any form. After so long is there truely any fresh ideas or is the best we can hope for from the future fiction and script writers is a new look at an old idea. We will have to wait and see when watching the next 5 episodes of Master of None, but so far they are doing a good job.

P.S once again I will state that this site needs Spell check for peeps like me.