For the Master of None assignment I finally gave in and renewed my Netflix account after almost two years without it. I was pleasantly surprised that not only was Master of None a great series but that there was an abundance of other amazing shows. These shows come about by Netflix giving talented artists the means to make the show they want to make. Also these shows often play out in highly sequential order where a 12 episode season is really a 12 hour movie. Talented artists are creating their own dream shows not limited by needing to appeal to a mainstream audience or time constraints placed on network shows. These Netflix series are putting out complex and involved stories which would rival many modern fiction novels. Television is an artform which is less than a century old, perhaps the Netflix program model is the next step in its evolution. Was the novel an instant success or did it take centuries to evolve into what some might call “high art”. Perhaps the Iron Man 7‘s and B list celbrity reality shows are merely the growing pains of art. What do you think?