While watching any New York based sitcom, it is impossible for me to not compare the show to Seinfeld, and to a lesser extent Friends. Perhaps the biggest change in daily life from the 90’s to today is our dependence on smart phones. Several of my favorite lines from the show were based on this dependence, and how more often then not it complicates our lives. This is clear from the first scene of the series, when Dev and Rachel get conflicting results on their phones regarding pre-cum. An episode or two later when Brian says: “It’s nice out man, I was going to go to the park and look up NBA trade rumors on my phone.” Rachel has a great line: “Oh man, I’ve always wanted to go to India and watch Dexter.” Dev spends 45 minutes on yelp trying to find the perfect tacos, and when they get there, the tacos are sold out.There are no episodes specifically about technology, but the role they play in our lives, and the lives of the characters is clear. We never saw Jerry and Elaine have smart phones in bed, but maybe Dev just wasn’t sponge worthy.