Hi all,

So this is a hefty hunk of reading that I don’t expect most people to be interested in.  I’m using it as a scholarly source for my creative project and I think it might be helpful/cool for anyone else dealing with Dystopia as a genre, or any specific dystopian novels.  It’s geared towards selling the idea that the increase in young adult novels about dystopia is reflective of teen interest in contemporary political/world issues –just from a comfortable distance.

It talks a lot about Millennials and political apathy in general, and then also about tying Dystopian popularity specifically to 9/11 or at least the social climate triggered by 9/11.  It also offers a counter argument, about how it’s really just the authors who lived through the Cold War, etc etc etc…

Basically, it’s interesting and is trying to answer the question I want to ask with my project.  It also reminded of our abridged history of literature and how Nell brought up 9/11 triggering a new type of novel.  It works really hard at drawing connections between contemporary literary trends and contemporary social events, which is really what this class is about, right?

Enjoy or utilize if you’re nerd enough, otherwise carry on having social lives and free time.