Amy is a shallow, spoiled, psycho bitch. But in class I feel like I don’t hate her as much as I should. I feel like my dislike of Nick is wrong, and Amy is the sole issue here. So since I don’t feel confident arguing my point in class, partially cause I feel like I get told it’s wrong a lot, I’m going to here 🙂

First of all, Amy is highly highly damaged. Which isn’t an excuse, but it explains a lot. She really should never have been born, as stated by the fact that she is the 8th and only non dead child. This effected her parents, and possibly was where Amazing Amy came from. They had dreams of what their child would be even they didn’t have one, and didn’t really adapt this image to how an actual child behaves. And Amy’s parents were very very very very clear about what they expected, though the books. Which Amy could never live up to. While her parents told her that it had nothing to do with her, that’s laughably see-through.

So Amy grew up never being what her parents wanted, then in high school and beyond she still wasn’t what boys want. She could pretend to be the Cool Girl (as she calls it), the girl that we all know doesn’t exist. Some parts? Sure. But no one is exactly like what guys want (Even if they all want something different, the perfect person will never ever exist). So Amy finds this guy, someone who is also faking it to be liked. So she falls in love, and then she does what fakers never do. She stops faking. And low and behold, Nick stops liking. She thought she found someone who might actually like her, and he doesn’t. He can’t stand her. And instead of being honest, he finds a young, not too bright, ALIEN FUCK DOLL. She finds out as she goes to try and make up, to try to help fix things. And he just goes to fuck this girl he doesn’t know, while she is standing there waiting.

So is Amy innocent, hell no! She’s totally crazy. But I also don’t believe she deserves so much hate. Nick made his share of screw ups, and he did the same thing as Amy. He lied about who he was and then was surprised to learn that Amy wasn’t what he thought. He wanted so bad for people to think of him a certain way he ruined any chance at it. He didn’t frame anyone for murder, but he is not the victim. They both are the victim and the offender, and both blame the other. This happens until one of them snaps, in this case Amy in all her planning ways.

Yell away if you disagree, Nick Fucked up and Amy did too. They both suck