“We complete beach other in the nastiest, ugliest possible way.” (Pg 393)

This quote from Nick sums up the realtionship between he and Amy perfectly. Amy is a complete sociopath who needs people to love her absolutley. This love she feels is what is owed to her, that she is in fact Amazing Amy. We see this whenever someone compliments her and her reaction is simply I know or about time you realized it. “If you said she looked beautiful, she knew that was fact. If you said she was brilliant, it wasn’t flattery, it was her due.” (Pg 355) For those who don’t love her or even those who are loved more than her we have seen the dire consequences. Nick on the other hand is someone who works tirelessly to get people to love him. Near the end of the novel Nick worries about how his breakup with Andy went. “I just- hate how it ended” (Pg 356) he says despite how much damage she caused to in the case and to his face. He desperately needs her to like him despite all of the turmoil. When he is with Amy he knows that the only way for her to like him is to show unwavering love and devotion to her. For this love and devotion, Amy in turn loves him. Their faults feed off of each other creating as Nick so perfectly phrases it “a sick, fucking toxic Mobius strip” (Pg 393). Looking into the future of this relationship as a child is introduced I wonder how this will affect the dynamic. Amy will certainly expect unconditional love and admiration from the child but it’s very likely that it may like Nick better. If this happens will Amy be able to accept it, or will she seek revenge upon Nick and their child?