For my research project I have been examining the reltionship between novels and their film adaptations. One of the most common complaints against film has to do with the way it is visualized. While reading a novel we use our imagination to create the world within. Due to this every individual has a different conception of what the semplica girls, B-more, or North Cathage, Missouri looks like. When we then watch the film adaptation that ability to create the world as we see it is taken away and instead we are presented with the way in which the director sees it.

Now that we have begun to watch Gone Girl we can examine how this visual form differs from our preconceived notions.  I myself had already seen the film about a year prior to reading the novel. Some of the films conceptualization of the story did stick with me, most notably Ben Affleck as Nick and Neil Patrick Harris as Desi. However I had forgotten much of the movie when we read the novel. Now going back to the movie I find that my notions of these places and characters is quite different from the way it is depicted in the movie. For instance the attitude which Margo portrays is considerably more monotone than I imagined. Also parts of the setting such as Nick and Amy’s house, the abandoned mall, and The Bar all differ from how I visualized them. Are their any major points which differ for you between the two forms? If so how does it affect your enjoyment of the film?