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Project issue

Hey all,

I’m having a hard time with an aspect of my project. I cannot decide if I want to add the quotes from the books in the video as just the words or have someone reading them in a voice over. Personally I think the voice over sounds like a better idea but I figured I’d get some input. Thank you for the votes.


Bus station and Master of None

I’m sitting at the bus station watching a mother and her son at one of the tables talking about what they will do today. I can’t help but think of Master of None and the overly exaggerated,  everything. This little boy is not behaving and doesn’t want to listen to him mother, but he also isn’t going around acting crazy. But then I think back to one day while I was here that a mother had to forcibly remove her child from the station because they were being so obnoxious. I guess my question is here do you think that Master of None was overly exaggerated or that we just tend to shy away from the annoying and embarrassing??

Fan’s “search” for “home”

Can we say that Fan is searching for home? If we are then we also have to say the people of B-Mor are searching for home, for this is really their story.

We know only what a person (in the collective voice of all) tells us about Fan’s story. We cannot assume that person knows anymore than what they’ve heard and that is never the whole story. After Fan left, something in the people of B-Mor clicked. Whether that is good or bad we don’t yet know. What we do know is they are searching for something. Why else do we tell stories, true or not?

They tell this story of a woman “looking” for her love, who she considers home.

But can we say that Fan is really looking for Reg? Do we really think he is home to her? Lets think about that for a minute. He held her hand during movies and is told to be sweet and kind. But when we look at Fan’s actions toward Reg they are far less love then we think should be, especially for someone looking for home in him. But then again how can we say she is indeed looking?

Looking is not the word we can use for what she was doing. Looking implies actually doing something. She did not care enough to look for him. At least not from what we know. What we know is that Fan, right out of the gate… literally,  was ok with drifting. She was picked up by Quig and Lauren and stayed with them driving. Although that can be considered looking to an extent. But then we run into the carnival family, and they want her to stay with them. And as we all know, she wanted to stay as well.

Fan herself isn’t a bad person, she is actually a very selfless girl. She only decided to leave when she found out that Quig and Laureen would die. And with Miss Cathy, she was content to stay until she found out she’d be living in a room for the rest of her life and not leaving, but even then she wasn’t in a rush. But then that strengthens our point. If Reg was indeed what she was looking for, would she not want to leave both those places?

If things progress the way they are now Fan will never find Reg. Stumble upon him maybe, but find him? Definitely not. But then, we start to question if that is even the point of her leaving in the first place.

Miss Cathy’s behavior

I keep thinking about the reading for today. Mostly about how Miss Cathy acted toward Fan after she disappeared. As someone who knows all too well the dangers of men and their impulsive ways, I can’t help but feel bad for Cathy. I mean at some point she was bound to snap. Luckily for Fan and the other girls it wasn’t in a life threatening way. (Not that we know that anything happened to her) But if the girls are right then I can understand the need to act the way she does.

She still punishes herself to this day for what happened. Maybe she was kept in a bed too small for her in an ice cold room. Maybe she even had sisters or someone who she would go to after it happened and couldn’t sleep unless she could smell them close to her and that is why she instinctively goes to the small bed the girls sleep in next to hers.

Just a thought.

The Semplica Girl Diaries and Dakota

I know I’m a little late on the uptake for the blog. But I am going to try to post at least 3x a week. (as unrealistic as that may seem)

Anyways, on to why I’m really here. As I was reading the Semplica Girl Diaries, I couldn’t help but think that Eva reminded me a lot of Dakota. For those of you who don’t know, Dakota is my daughter, she will most likely join us on one occasion or another in class. She is so much like Eva, they both try so hard to be in tune with other peoples feelings. And can sometimes exaggerate how someone is feeling even if they don’t feel that way. That isn’t to say that those women didn’t feel any of what was going on, but I think it’s safe to say that Eva was projecting her fear onto them. Am I the only one who thinks this?

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