Looking at the rapist in Saunders’ Victory Lap it is obvious that he was abused by his parents. Looking at the way in which Kyle and Allison are being raised it is possible to believe that they too are suffering from abuse. Kyle is very clearly being controlled and limited by his parents rules. He is unable to develop any self-identity since every action of his is controlled by his parents. From where he takes his shoes off and places them to needing approval for his choice of entertainment he has been stripped of free will. In my opinion this is certainly a from of abuse. In the case of Allison, that she is being abused is harder to justify but still possible. Her parents have created for her a perfect world of innocence in which she is not being prepared for the reality of the world around her. When the rapist knocks on the door this reality intrudes into her world of Disney innocence. While human instinct did kick in to protect herself when she opened the door, the way in which she was raised caused her to be more concerned with proper manners than with her own safety. Can we consider it abuse that her parents have not properly taught her the realities of life and how to protect herself? I believe so.