You can’t help but feel bad for Robin. A young boy with no friends. Even worse, he was chubby. I know the pain. The only time I was not fat was when I was born- 6lbs 11oz. I feel I can easily relate to him. Up until the 6th grade and meeting Michael Garrity, I had no real friends. I would come home and be with my mother.

Like Robin, I had an imaginary world I lived in. Although I hadn’t thought of any names- like the Nethers- for my imaginary villains, they were still very real to me. I would enter the other realm by passing under the slide. I had my weapon of choice, a garden hoe, waiting for me on the other side. I would do battle with evil creatures that turned my “brother” into an animal (I didn’t have an older brother at the time- thankfully I do now).

One reason Robin did not drown when falling into the pond was because he was so “fluffy”. Fat=Flotation #funfact.

Robin had very unfortunate Prince Valiant bangs. I had an AWFUL haircut my sophomore year of high school. My aunt gave me a hair cut after having a few drinks and almost cut off my ear. I have pictures if anyone is interested.

When Robin imagined Suzanne saying “You should come over this summer. It’s cool if you swim with your shirt on. P.219” I swim with my shirt on- there is no shame in that.

Robin gets misaddressed as “Roger” by Suzanne when she once asked him to scoot over. I get misaddressed all the time- Taylor, Kyle, John, Terrance, Teri, Trevor…and the strangest of all, HEATHER!

I swear, Robin was written in my image.